-Legal advice regarding the conclusion, change and termination, ie annulment of the contract, as well as analysis of short-term, medium-term and long-term consequences of the implementation of the contract.

-compilation of annexes to contracts, pre-contracts and down payments

-compilation and conclusion of contracts on sale, gift, loan, lease, guarantee, business-technical cooperation, investments, storage, service, mortgage, pledge, license, storage, transportation of goods, forwarding (shipping), work, sponsorship in sports (and in general), volunteering, allotment, commission, construction, order, assignment (referral), trade representation, leasing, franchising, forfeiting, factoring and many other named contracts in domestic and international law

-drafting a contract on cession (assignment of receivables)

-compiling a contract on taking over the debt, joining the debt and taking over the fulfillment

-compilation of unnamed contracts sui generis, which includes the compilation of completely new forms of contracts, according to the needs of clients.  

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