Representation of clients in civil proceedings...

-filing lawsuits and other submissions, complaints, petitions, and requests

-compilation and conclusion of out-of-court and court settlements

-representation in mediation, mediation and arbitration proceedings

-representation in the procedure of protection of the right to a trial within a reasonable time

-representation in the so-called procedures. missing babies

-representation in proceedings based on the costs of processing housing loans and insurance premiums

-proving the merits of the claim or refuting it using all means of evidence, including various types of expertise (economic and financial professions, electrical engineering, IT, engineers, neuropsychiatrists, orthopedists, traffic professions…)

-emphasis of nullity and voidability of the contract, as well as obsolescence of claims

-compensation for material and non-material damages and other legal disputes (acquisition without grounds, management without orders)

-real rights disputes and legal affairs (property, state, maintenance, restitution of property, law on planning and construction)

-submission of extraordinary legal remedies to the Supreme Court of Cassation of Serbia, constitutional appeals to the Constitutional Court of Serbia, and petitions to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

-representation in non-litigious proceedings (deprivation of legal capacity, expropriation, division of common property, arrangement of borders…)

-representation in the procedure of execution and security (according to executive and credible documents; counter-execution; execution on real estate, movables, accounts, securities, earnings, receivables; previous and temporary measures, etc.)

-undertaking all other legal actions prescribed by law

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