Biography of lawyer Goran Marković

-He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac, on September 29, 2009 years

- As an intern, he did an internship in the Municipal Court in Kragujevac in the period from December 25, 2006. until 31.01.2008. years, in all court departments and services, in the field of criminal and civil law.

- As a trainee lawyer, he did an internship with the principal, lawyer Goran Brdar from Kragujevac, starting from February 1, 2008. year, until 31.01.2010. years, in the field of civil and criminal law.

- He passed the bar exam in Belgrade, on October 1, 2010. years.

- He worked as a judge's assistant and senior assistant judge for an indefinite period in the Commercial Court in Kragujevac, in the period from January 4, 2011. years until 06.01.2015. years, on jobs in the field of commercial law.

- He passed the bar exam on December 18, 2014 years in Kragujevac.

- He worked as a lawyer in the law office of Goran Brdar from Kragujevac, for a certain period of time in the period from January 7, 2015 until January 7, 2018 years, in the field of economic, criminal and civil law.

- From 07.01.2018. opened his law office in Kragujevac.

-It has the following certificates: 1) Certificate of the Judicial Academy in Belgrade from March 7, 2015. on "Children's rights, juvenile delinquency, and treatment of juvenile offenders"; 2) certificate from the Conference "Sport and Law" held on Zlatibor on April 22-24, 2016 and 3) certificate of completed training in the field of "Mediation and Advocacy - Representation of clients in mediation" held in Kragujevac, on September 28-29, 2018 years.

– Говори, чита, пише и преводи на енглеском језику.

- Work on a computer: work on MS Office package (Word, Excel), E-mail and Internet.

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